It's your task to celebrate the Halloween tradition this Year, to be as scary as you possibly can, and what's scarier than a monster. When your job is to make kids scream, you'll fit right in this Halloween. Jump out of their closets in one of these Monsters Inc costumes for adults and children. Choose between Sully, Mike, and the rest of the Monster's Inc. characters, and join in on the Pixar fun. Just make sure not to bring any kids back to the Scarefloor.

Pretend you're from Monsters Inc, or you can celebrate the brand new movie, Monsters University. Go back to school, and practice your intimidation. You might be fuzzy, you might be cute, but with Mike's sharp teeth and one eyeball and Sully's horns and giant body, you can sure scare the pants off of little kids. Well, everyone but Boo. That cute baby just can't be frightened.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal do a hilariously wonderful job playing Sully and Mike, but you can do better. Even though it's men playing these characters, we also have Monsters Inc adaptations for girls. Replace the furry bodysuits with a dress, and you or your daughter will look absolutely lovely.

Fill up the Scream Extractor this Halloween. Randall won't be as close to as terrifying as you are. Put on one of our Monsters Inc costumes, and your day will get a bit more animated.