Too old for toys, yet two young for boys, tween girls need costumes that are more mature than little girls' outfits but not yet as sophisticated as teenagers'. Our tween costumes for girls feature choices that will appeal to the older girl who is not yet a teen spirit. It is a relatively new term that refers to youngsters who are in between the childhood and teenage years. Depending on the maturity of your child, she could be considered a tween as early as 8, but the most widespread definition is the ages between 9 or 10 and 12.

This generation faces more challenges than their parents did in Middle School. While peer pressure has always existed, in the past home was a safe haven. Now with the advent of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and simple texts, kids are constantly bombarded with peer influences and pressure at a rate their parents could never conceive of. Despite this peer pressure, they are still kids and Halloween remains a fun time for them. Their tastes have matured, but not completely. They may still enjoy costumes from fairy tales such as red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland, but would gravitate toward our tween outfits that have a more mature interpretation of these classic stories.

Too old for Disney Princesses, they may now prefer licensed garb from Disney's Shake It Up, a TV sitcom about the adventures of tweens who are dancers on a local TV series. They may not want to dress in the traditional Snow White princess dress, but they may want outfits from the more recent and more mature Snow White and the Huntsman movie. There are so many more costumes to choose from, be sure to browse through them all.

Your daughter may be getting older, but she still young. Our girls' tween costumes will make them feel more mature, but not too grownup.