If your daughter is searching for a fangtastic look for Halloween, purchase one of our Monster High costumes for girls. Monsteristas (monster fashionistas) can choose from a number of officially licensed ensembles with a killer style. The characters are all related to classic monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, the mummy, werewolves and more, which makes these costumes timeless yet trendy picks for Halloween.

Monster High is media and toy franchise that focuses a group of young monsters attending high school. Girls, especially tweens, think the dolls, video games, movies and books are freaky fabulous! In the books and videos, the monsters, or freaks as they call themselves, attend high school with humans, whom they call regular attribute dodgers (RADs). The freaks, who hide their identity from the RADs, face some of the same problems as kids do in real life and their stories often contain messages of acceptance versus individuality and combating peer pressure.

Fans of these creeptastic characters will want to dress like their beloved freak. Ask your daughter who her favorite character is. Is it Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein’s monster, who is athletic, but a bit clumsy and has body parts that have a tendency to fall off? Or maybe she likes Count Dracula's daughter, Draculaura, who is a vegan vampire and doesn’t drink blood? Perhaps it’s the Mummy's daughter, Cleo De Nile, the fearleading squad captain. Maybe it is Werewolf Clawdeen. Or could her favorite be Lagoona Blue, daughter the creature of the Black Lagoon; foreign exchange student Abbey Bominable, daughter of a Yeti or Vondergeist, child of ghosts?

No matter the choice, we have what your child needs for a killer Halloween! Buy a high quality girls’ Monster High costume from us and your daughter will put the chic in freak!