The good thing about being a girl is that you never need an excuse to dress up. So when Halloween rolls around, why not dress up in something that you wouldn't ordinarily wear? Go with one of our totally terrifying girls' horror costumes. You'll look so great in these styles, you might even scare yourself!

All throughout October, you'll see scary faces carved into pumpkins, dangling skeleton decorations, and spider webs all over your neighbor's bushes. You'll also see haunted houses popping up all over town and lots and lots of horror movies. What's the fun off all of these traditions if you don't join in yourself? While other girls are dressed as pretty princesses, you can be getting great screams out of your friends with a spine-chilling look.

Skeletons, devils, zombies, vampires- there are so many fantastic Halloween monsters it's hard to know where to begin. That's why we offer a large assortment of horror Halloween costumes costumes for girls. Most of these pieces are made with dark, Gothic colors like black and red. Some are designed as ruffled dresses for a unique mix of cute and eerie, and others are just downright scary. Pick the one that works for you, and then use our separately sold face makeup to make it even more horrifying.

Are you ready for a monstrously fun Halloween? Then order one of our girl's horror costumes, and check out all of our frighteningly awesome accessories.