Watch your children spin a web or three when they don one of our boy's Spider-Man suits. Most of these costumes feature the classic red and blue spider suit complete with spider logo and webbed sections. Some of them even have fake muscles built into the suit, too, so you can watch as your kid looks like a real Spider-Man. Remember to accessorize your spider suit with a pair of gloves, web shooters, or a pair of boot covers. Check out our variations as well, as we have costumes for different Spider-Man characters, too, like The Lizard from 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man. You can add to that with glowsticks for maximum mutant effect.

Spider-Man was first created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962 in the pages Amazing Fantasy #15. Peter Parker, a nerdy teen, is the best known version of the character, having appeared in thousands of comics, several blockbuster movies, and numerous video games and TV shows. Whether he's spinning webs or cracking wise, Spider-Man's antics will always be something jovial and fun for your kids to emulate at Halloween or any other costume event. Best of all? Spider-Man doesn't go out of style, as he has been in the comics limelight for 50 years. That is staying power!

Your kid will be able to do whatever a Spider can when he wears any one of our amazing boys Spider-Man suits.